At the end, you are the hero!

Are you a health and nursing care specialist with government accreditation in your home country?

Then you are exactly what Germany needs.

Experts from abroad who courageously leave behind their old lives and face new challenges in order to lastly contribute to the healthcare environment with their abilities.

An adventure – and in the end, you are the hero!

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The best program for your future!

Start with the essentis-Qualification, integration, and placement program.
For 6 months you live on our essentis-Campus in Germany. During this time, you will learn the German language and acquire the special German nursing terminology.
Together with your essentis-Guides you will meet the requirements for your professional recognition in Germany and through us, you will get to know your new employer.

We promote talents and make them into heroes!

About Us

"The essentis-Program changes the lives of our participants for the better. In principle, you don't have to worry about anything yourself. We initiate. You just must want it 100 percent and learn and participate enthusiastically."


Tobias Grimm, Managing Director essentis GmbH

On the way to becoming a hero

Candidate - Talent - Hero

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    Contact Us

    You have become aware of us and see in the essentis-Program the best chance for a new start into your future?
    Then send us your preliminary relevant documents using our website.


    Your essentis-

    We will check your documents for your eligibility to participate in our program. If everything fits, we’ll create a profile for you and welcome you as an essentis-Candidate.



    Personally, or via Skype, we will talk to you about your skills, your professional experience and to get to know each other.
    Are you motivated enough to start your personal hero journey as an essentis-Talent?
    So you can be relaxed, this conversation will be translated by an interpreter.


    Participation Offer

    You convinced us.
    We give you the opportunity to participate in the essentis-Program and thus secure you a place on the essentis-Campus. We will let you know which additional documents you need and when the next program-start can be.
    Now it is up to you to make your participation binding and to take the next steps together with us.


    Participation Contract

    The contract is signed.
    You reach a significant phase in your journey to be a hero.
    With the contract signed, you will graduate from an essentis-Candidate to an essentis-Talent.
    As an essentis-Talent, we will accompany you until you join your job as a health and nursing care specialist in Germany.

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    Departure & Transfer

    Our essentis-Checklist helps you to organize your departure and to think about all the necessary documents and notarizations. Your transfer to Germany will be organized by us.


    On the essentis Campus

    Welcome to the essentis-Campus!
    Here you will live and learn within the support structure of the essentis-Program for the next 6 months.
    Throughout this time your Essentis guides will be at your side.


    Paperwork in Germany

    Your essentis-Guides are well experienced in dealing with the relevant authorities and administrative structures in Germany.
    Together with us, you will master the upcoming tasks that you have to accomplish your professional and personal restart in Germany.


    Education and Training

    You will learn the German language up to the B2 level and acquire the essential knowledge of German nursing science.
    You will reach your training target with the help of competent instructors, modern teaching methods, and self-directed-learning groups.



    On the essentis-Campus, you will meet people with similar dreams and goals as you.
    The essentis-Welcome-Week, the start-up information packet we put together for you, the accompanying program-offer and the essentis-Guides will make you feel at home in Germany quickly.



    On our essentis-Matching-Days you meet with potential future employers for placement.
    If you are interested in each other and if appropriate, you will receive an invitation to visit the prospective employer and give you an even better impression by means of a guest visit, to decide on a collaboration.

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    Successfully Qualified and Integrated

    Exciting and informative months are behind you in which you have lived through the essentis-Program.
    Now you are exceptionally qualified for the German healthcare environment are well as being integrated and having obtained a new workplace in Germany.


    Professional Recognition and Job-start

    You made it!
    All formalities and verifications are provided, and you can now officially work as a health and nursing care specialist in Germany.
    Your new employer and colleagues are already waiting for you.


    Goal Accomplished: Your Hero Journey is Over

    After an exciting time, we say goodbye to you and wish you all the best for your new start in Germany.
    For us, you are a hero who has mastered many challenges!
    Stay in touch with us, meet us at the alumni-meeting and earn cash through the essentis referral program by recommending new essentis talents.

Your Companions

In all great stories, legends and myths, heroes have their own, personal mentor. Since you are at the centre of our focus and at the end you are the hero, you will of course also have a companion. From the very beginning, your companions will be the essentis-Guides that will assist you with their experience, knowledge and information and tips.

Your Benefits

Full-Service Program
You will receive full-service support for language acquisition, professional qualifications, integration, professional recognition and placement with a suitable employer. Throughout the program, you will be staying on the essentis-Campus and regularly receiving an essentis meal stipend and a pocket allowance grant.
Credible Employer Selection
On our essentis-Matching-Days we will connect with you your future employer. If you are interested in one another, you can also get to know the workplace and the colleagues through a workplace visit before you agree to the contract.
Great Earning Potential
After your professional recognition, you can immediately start as a health care specialist and right from the start you have great earning potential. We only provide you with an employer who pays you at least equivalent to the German nursing staff.
Gradual Integration
Your integration process in Germany begins already during your time on the essentis campus. You are already well acquainted with German culture when you start your professional life.
Fair Collaboration
For you, there are initially no costs involved. Starting from entering Germany, we assume all expenses that are directly related to your participation in the essentis-Program. The repayment of the program fees starts in small installments only if you are employed as a nursing care specialist after the end of the program.
Personal Care
We know how important personal care is. Your essentis-Guides are there for you because leaving your homeland and building a future in Germany needs support.
A Strong Community
The other participants on the essentis-Campus have similar wants and dreams as you. Here, learning partnerships and long-term friendships can develop. Become part of the essentis-Community!
Profitable Referral Program
Now you have a good idea about us and are excited about our offer?! Then tell your friends and earn cash through our essentis-Referral-Program.

Each journey begins with the first step

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