"Today we are looking for talents that will be heroes tomorrow"-Tanja Monski

Wir helfen Menschen, damit die anderen helfen können. Bei uns dreht sich alles um Menschen und um die Community. Wir führen die besten Talente mit den spannendsten Unternehmen zusammen.

Our Vision

With the essentis program, we can combine the best of targeted qualification measures, companioned integration and appropriate job placement for health and nursing professionals who are looking for a new job and home in Germany.
Our essentis program is a unique, full service package deal.
The core element of our strategic brand development is the essentis campus. It includes accommodations, campus and community meeting point at the same time.
We want to make labor migration to Germany even more attractive and focus our attention on everything we do on our participants. For us, they are the heroes who have dared to take a giant step and they deserve our full attention and support.
In addition, essentis is a market-leading, strategic partner to resolve the shortage of skilled workers for clinics and senior care institutions in the nursing field in Germany. By opting for our recruitment services, we will assist you in meeting the challenging requirements of staff planning.

Our Mission

We are courageous revolutionaries and offer real solutions in times of a skilled labor shortage where others still ponder the question.
We promote trust and bring our essentis talents, even those with low-level language skills, to Germany.
Only after you have become accustomed to your environment, improved your language skills and professional know-how on the essentis campus, will you decide on your future employer.
We radically simplifying human resources consulting. The “matching” between our talents and clients experiences a significant added value component through a combination of digitization and our human touch.
The job search of our participants and the recruitment of our clients is again, efficient and effortless thanks to our essentis program and our essentis-Matching-Days.
We are aware that we have created something completely new and we are pioneers.
We are active worldwide, our office is the train, the airplane, the hotel; Wherever we are, we feel at home.
Additionally, we meet in our office at the company headquarters, our essentis-campus in Berlin or on our essentis-campus in Saxony

The essentis Program

Essentis supports nursing professionals from all over the world with a unique program, the so-called "essentis qualification, Integration and mediation program". In short, the essentis program.
This takes place on the essentis campus, which provides accommodations, campus, and community meeting points at the same time. The program’s objectives include full professional recognition in Germany in addition to linguistic and technical qualifications, preparation for living and working in Germany and finally placement in a permanent job in a clinic or a senior facility.
As part of this program, all costs for the participants incurred in Germany and directly related to the essentis program will be initially assumed. This includes, among other things, all qualification fees, certificates and all fees related to professional recognition. Also included are, accommodations, provisions-and pocket money allowance, job-application training, integration services and travel costs to Germany.
Only when our Essentis heroes are working and earn their own money do they pay back some of the costs incurred in installments. The other part is taken over by the new employer.

The strategic heads

All this Unites the Team of essentis:

  • several years or month of professional experience abroad (e.g. China, Japan, India, England, Switzerland, Canada)
  • Friends, acquaintances and business partners in over 50 countries worldwide
  • 5 languages
  • Approximately 10 years of experience in continuing education and training in the nursing sector in an executive function
  • 15 years coaching and consulting for companies and individuals
  • Professional activities for the foreign ministry, embassies, international law firms, hotels, gastronomy, recruitment, and distribution
  • 16 years of corporate experience